Thank You Thursday {6}

Junglebee09 a.k.a. Hope
Thank you for those lovely process videos that you post on YouTube. I’ve been struggling to paint faces for a few years now, and watching your videos finally made it click for me. Noses are especially difficult, but you made them make sense. You have helped me artistically improve, and I appreciate that.

I really appreciate you letting me throw all kinds of art at you. I’m sure it must be tiring. I was just so excited to finally figure out how to paint faces I had to show someone, and I knew that you of all people would understand. Thanks again, Roy.

Thank you for listening to me and helping me revamp Tsuriai. You know what those characters mean to me, and how often I used to draw them. Being able to draw them again is a relief and a pleasure. Thank you so much!

Thank you for the beautiful orchids and the chocolates. You know you didn’t have to get anything for me. I would’ve been happy with a simple video chat. But no. You have to try and spoil me.

Stay safe. I love you.

Server Dude at Gloria’s
Thank you for trying to weaken my margarita on the rocks. Despite your best attempts at leveling down that drink, with the tequila game was too strong and I had to tap out. I know it was top shelf, but I have been 21 for all of one month. It was too much too soon. I cannot yet play with the big dogs. I will return them when my liver is stronger and my stomach lining less fragile.

Love and smiles,


PS-also, a big thanks for mom for our Valentine’s day outing. That was way super fun, even though I couldn’t quite finish that margarita. I really enjoy going out with you. So many love.


Thank You Thursday {5}

Dr. Heitzman
I understand that you have seen a lot of people come through your door and have had to give out a lot of hard diagnoses, but your bedside manner is the best I’ve ever encountered. Thank you for being so outstandingly hilarious and wonderfully sweet even though it may not be on purpose. Not a bad thing. It just means that you are naturally a pretty nice guy. Go you, Doctor Heitzman.

Jessica the phlebotomist
As you and I both know, I have to get a lot of blood drawn. A lot. I am very grateful that you are the to do it. You make it painless and you are very considerate of my comfort. It is really nice to see the same face every time that I go in.  

Janine & Ginger
You two crack me up! I really, strongly doubt that I would even participate in the drug trials as readily were it not for you two. I’m glad that we can converse as we do during our visits. The amount of sharing that takes place not only makes me smile but certainly helps the scores on that “quality of life” questionnaire. 

Also, thank you for remembering that you can NOT talk while I do the breathing tests lest we have a five minute giggle cool down.

Grandma & Aunt Darla
I love seeing your faces! Thank you so much for the brunch. I am looking froward to next month.

Thank you for helping me type this weeks post…(wait a minute) and for putting up with my ridiculous “pain in the ass-hole” keyboard. I’ll get that dictation program re-installed even though you are so much funnier.


Love and Smiles,


P.S. Happy Valentine’s Day

Thank You Thursday {4}

ALSA and NuMotion
Thank you for working together to get me new batteries for my power chair.  I am anticipating the freedom that will accompany the life of these new powercells!!  25 miles’ worth of battery life?  Sign me up!!

J.K. Rowling
I’m currently re-re-listening to the audiobooks (for the umpteenth time) and I can never thank you enough for this wonderful series!  Harry Potter opened a door to literature and creativity unlike any other book or series I have read.  Growing with the characters was a beautiful experience for me, and one I will cherish always.

I am so glad you insisted I get snapchat!  Your snaps always make me smile, regardless of my mood!  Stay cute, Lexi!!

Aunt Phyllis
Thank you for the gorgeous cross-stitched lap blanket you sent!! It has come in handy, especially on these cold winter mornings!  Not only is it the perfect size, but is impossible to feel grumpy with such bright, cheerful butterflies on my toasty warm lap!!

Love and Smiles,


Thank You Thursday {3}

Dr. Warren & Team
Thank you for taking care of Kip. We know you were loathe to remove his eye, but you did, and I am confident you did it well.  You spoke of Kip as an individual and we all appreciate that so much.

Thank you for being the sweetie you actually are and not trying to eat the vet staff.  You are the best dog a girl could ask for.

Mr. Paul
Thank you for upgrading my RAM.  You know how important my computer is and I appreciate the work and money and effort you put into taking care of me.

Also, thank you for Square Burger.  Hot damn.

Alex of Australia
I am very glad we’re friends.  It excites me when you log onto Skype because I know hilarity will ensue.  You also make me feel incredibly adorable, which is always a nice feeling.  Thank you for being so awesome.

Thank you all for the birthday wishes!!  All of the smiles and love directed my way made this my best birthday yet!!  I appreciate and adore you all!!

Love and smiles,


Thank You Thursday {2}

Andrew from California Pizza Kitchen
Your sweetness and accommodations made for a great birthday lunch!! Thank you for explaining my beverage’s ingredients to me and for your smile! You are such a cutie!

Thank you for yesterday!! I always have so much fun with you at the mall!  I appreciate your patience when navigating Hot Topic. You sure know how to make a birthday great!!

Thank you for that pie.  Mom insists we finish it as soon as possible because it is “killing her” but I want to draw it out as long as possible.  It is everything I hoped it would be.  I love you.

Him: “Happy Birthday”
Me: “Thanks. A+ brother. 10/10 would recommend.”
Him: “Wow much stars so compliment very recommend”

Such funny. Many thank. amaze.

Thank you for your unending care, love and smartassery.  You are a fresh spring of joy for me and I love you so much.  My gratitude for you is unending, Mommy.  Thank you forever, for everything you do for me.

Sincerely and with love and smiles,


Thank You Thursday {1}

Today is the first ever Thank You Thursday, where I examine who or what has enriched my life in some way and extend my gratitude.

Thanks for a hella fantastic week last month. I felt completely at ease around you, which is incredible because I feel tentative around people I’ve known forever.  I feel as though you understand me, and your incredible capacity for caring has kept me sane over the past few months.  Thank you for being such a perfect friend.

I miss your face.  When you surprised me last weekend, I was elated.  In fact, the surprise made it easier for me to await your next arrival since I don’t know when I’ll see you next.  Then, our date was the best!! You’re so good to me.  I love you.

Thank you for taking the time to make us (My mom and myself) feel pretty and adored whenever we went to Rockfish.  You even took the time to remember our usual orders.  We hope you’re doing well in California.

When Sal left, you assured us that he was okay and became our new regular.  You remembered our drink orders and were so attentive and helpful.  My birthday lunch was delicious, and we appreciated the ice cream.  We’re looking forward to seeing you next month.

Also, congratulations on your face.

Random Guys Outside of the Aquarium
Thank you for the kindness you showed to two confused tourists. Your directions really helped and your kindness reaffirmed my faith in humanity.  I appreciate the Christmas wishes and hope you two have a wonderful life.

Sincerely and with love and good wishes,


a little bird…

A new Thanksgiving tradition for our scattered family members is to write down a
few things for which we are grateful and send them to each family’s household
to be read during the Thanksgiving holiday. Alexis’ items included being grateful for her health (yes, really). The letter below is from her aunt who lives in the mountains. (guest post by Chriseda Crow)

gratitude leaf

Dear Alexis,

I just wanted to send a quick message to tell you that your story inspired a group of 9 and 10 year olds today. 

I volunteer in Kenzie’s class (Alexis’ cousin) on Tuesdays.  I lead them in an activity that has been pre-arranged for the whole school. 

Today, I was asked to read a story about a little bird with a broken wing and then lead a conversation about gratitude and giving.  The students are then supposed to write their gratitude quote on a block of paper that will eventually be put up on a bulletin board for everyone to see. 

But after reading the cute little bird story, I realized that I had a much better real live story that would really inspire a lesson in gratitude.  Your story.   I thought about how I basically just did this gratitude quote activity with family and friends at Thanksgiving, and how your gratitude quote was the most inspiring of them all. 

So I gathered the 21 students (and one volunteer dad) in a circle on the floor and shared your story.  With their eyes wide and mouths closed, they listened contently.  I focused on how after all you’ve been through this past year; you still give thanks for the health that you do still enjoy.  I explained how we all gain joy through different means, but that we can only receive it because we are alive and breathing and our senses allow us to take the joy in.  I challenged them to dig deep and give thanks for the gifts they’ve been given that allow them to experience joy. 

I wasn’t sure how this would go over with this young group.  Last month they had to introduce themselves and say what they were grateful for at Thanksgiving and most of them had some “thing” they were thankful for – video games, TV, a favorite toy, sleeping in, presents for their birthday – things like that. But they really amazed me today.  After hearing your story, these same children wrote things on their paper like – “I am thankful for my hands so that I can write and draw”, “I am grateful for my legs so I can play soccer”, “I am thankful for my muscles so I can hike with my family”, “I am thankful for the love and care my family gives to me”, “I am thankful for my eyes so I can see nature” ….and on and on like that. 

These kids who are seemingly focused on the latest fashions, the coolest new video games, or who’s the most popular – all sat down and really thought about their true gifts and how those gifts allow them to experience their own personal joy.   The little bird story was cute, but it never could have brought out such sincere and meaningful gratitude like your story did. 

Keep inspiring Alexis!  You are changing lives! 

I just love you so much.   I am so proud of the woman you are.  Thank you for being wonderful you! 

With Love and Hugs,

~Aunt Brandi