There is a phrase that Abraham Lincoln once said at the beginning of a speech that has stuck with Americans; “Four Score and seven years ago…” Out of everything he ever said ever, this is what sticks.  Go figure, I guess.  Anyway, for those of you who don’t know, a “score” in this context means 20.  This is particularly awesome for me, because I can be a pretentious nerd and say this:

One score and eleven-ish months ago, I was born.  Seeing as I am the very first member of my family to have been born into my generation, pictures were taken. So. Many. Pictures.  Fortunately for you, most of these have been stuffed into a forty pound box (literally. It is forty pounds.) and stashed away.  So, instead of a complete pictoral documentation of my entire life, you get the blessedly abridged version.

I present to you these hand-clicked pictures depicting 251-ish months of adventures.  Have a smile on me.

5 years 10 years 10 years take two 11  years 12 years 12 years - another photo 13 years 13 years in Breckenridge CO 13  years horseback in CO 14 years 14 years with Cameron 15 years 15 years Austin 16 years action shot 16 years photo shoot.1 16 years photo shoot.2 16 years photo shoot.3 16 years spelunking.1 16 years spelunking.2 16 years bowling 17 years camping 17 years with Mom 17 years with Mom and Cameron 18 years 18 years with friends 18 years photoshoot 19 years 20 years in CO 20 years Garden of the Gods, CO 20 years Mom and Cameron 20 years rollin' 20  years 20 years Cameron at DMA

2 thoughts on “Pictography

  1. Thanks for that Alexis. Even though I have not stayed in touch over the years,,, Seeing your pictures makes me feel like I was right there with you as you grew up. You have grown into such a beautiful young lady.

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