Happy Friday!

This brought so many giggles and smiles to us today!


Therefore I Am

At around 2 o’clock this morning, I had to go to the bathroom (which is, incidentally, where I do all of my best thinking) and a sudden memory struck me. About seven years ago, when I was in the eighth grade, I had a teacher named Mr. Bleemel. He taught pre-AP US history, which was one of my favorite subjects at the time. We were watching the movie, National Treasure that day because we had finished with some project or another and didn’t have anything else to do. My seat was near or perhaps right next to Mr. Bleemel’s desk at the time. I was drawing, as usual, when students were gathering around his desk while he was writing things on sticky notes and giving them to us. I can’t remember who else was in my class or what anyone else got on their sticky note. It was supposed to be a silly thing; just something for him to do and something for us to enjoy, but it meant more than that to me because of what he wrote on my sticky note.
On that one inch by one and half inch pale yellow sticky note, in his blocky, all caps handwriting, he wrote,
“I draw, therefore I am creative, therefore I am.”
I have kept this pale yellow sticky note for the past seven years. I still have it. When I got it it went between the pages of my sketchbook, then when the adhesive began to wear off, I put it on my corkboard where it stayed for years. Its current residence (if I am not mistaken) is in the top left drawer of my dresser at my dad’s. The reason I still have this pale yellow sticky note that my teacher wrote for me as an offhanded observation pertaining to the sheer amount of art I tended to crank out around that time is actually pretty simple. At a time in my life where I didn’t really know who I was, my pre-AP US history teacher managed to sum me up in a sentence.
“I draw, therefore I am creative, therefore I am.”
And I can’t honestly say I have changed much since then in regards to this statement.
The following are some drawings proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that this statement is true.
Have a smile on me,

Thank You Thursday {8}

I understand that today is Friday and not Thursday. Yesterday, I had a doctor’ s appointment, which was very tiring. Hopefully, I will not be late again. Thank you for your understanding and enjoy this week’s thankful shoutouts.

Thank you for being so accommodating. Your customer service is incredible, as is your food. The bruschetta was incredible and the four cheese pizza is the best pizza I’ve ever had ever (parmesan cream, mozzarella, fontina, parmesan & goat cheese). What the hell even? On top of the food and atmosphere (which was as stupendous as the delectable om noms), I had the Elderflower Cocktail, which is one of your specialties. It was rather strong for me, but it was delicious all the same.

Grotto9  grotto

Prophets and Outlaws
I am so glad that we ended up at Grotto. I really enjoyed your live cover of ‘Valerie’. Of course, your music on the whole is mind blowing. I will definitely be seeing you again.

For those of you who have not heard of Prophets and Outlaws, you can check them out here. They sound just as good record it as they do live, and you can check out four of their songs on their website.


Heather the receptionist
I’m very glad and that everyone enjoyed the rocks that we left up at the office. Thank you for saving the plate for us. We will be doing that again and leaving them at another location for more people to enjoy. I also really appreciate how you always greet us with a smile. I hope you have a wonderful year.

Although this sign on your front is slightly confusing, and you may have possibly been closed whenever we went inside, you still happily rang up the brownies that we purchased. They were delicious, by the way. Next time, I will probably try the pie.

Adorable Pei Wei Manager Guy
You made both myself and my mom smile yesterday, whether you realize that or not. You have such a happy face and sweet demeanor. Thank you for your sweetness and the food!

I hope you all have a wonderful week!

Love and smiles,


The Hidden Power of Smiling

Hello, all. I know I haven’t posted in a month, and I’m working to post with increasing frequency, even if the post is a short letter or a series of shoutouts. Today, though, I’m bringing in the new year with a series of facts that will accumulate in that one fat, interminable reason to smile.

I’ve been watching TEDTalks (specifically Head Games, which is on Netflix) in hopes to get inspired enough to write something of merit on here, which is somewhat foolish because it is an equally reliable way to get me distracted, but finally I came across a talk by Ron Gutman on the hidden power of smiles. Now, I am very aware of the blatant power of smiles (that is, the ability to get others to react and also to look better in photos) as are most other people. It’s that hidden power that really makes smiling so great, though.

A smile actually releases endorphins. Even fake ones. A Fakey McFakerson smile still releases feel-good hormones and lowers stress chemicals in the body. Eventually your body will get the hint and those poser smiles you were having to force become genuine and easier to produce. Smiles make you appear attractive, confident, and approachable. Smiles are inherently contagious and not only a result of happiness, but a root of it. How incredible is that? When I cry, I actually force smiles (they look like grimaces, but still count) to help myself calm down. It works.

All of this information can be distilled down to one, solid, self-helping, scientific reason to smile:


Smile for you. You deserve it.

Happy 2014,


Also, here’s the super cool 7 minute TEDTalk I referenced that you should totally watch:


ALS is a pretty rough disease that is very grounding.  I can’t leave the house by myself, I can’t drive, and I can’t do things that I really used to love to do, so most of my time is spent on the computer or in a book.  That doesn’t mean my life sucks, though.  I don’t think it sucks at all.  It just really helps me slow down and look forward to the “sometimes” parts of life.  The “Sometimes” are little highlights that I don’t really get too often, even though they’re some of my favorite things.  A good example would be my friends.  Most of them go to school and work, so I hardly ever get to see them.  Right now, my BFF Sydney is in town, so she is a definite “Sometime” I get to look forward to.

Some of my favorite Sometimes are:

  • Going to games in Greenville. I love going to these games.  They’re on Sundays, and all of my dude friends are there, including my man’s dad, whom I love.
  • Chilling with my girl friends. One goes to school in Louisiana, the other lives nearby but she has college and work, so I don’t get to see her very often.
  • Maple Cream Cookies, my favorite.  Bless you, Canada.
  • Food Trucks.  Oh my goodness.  Ruthie’s Rolling Café has grilled cheeses and something called slob sauce that is just… I really love food, okay?


  • My Man, who is currently working very hard to put himself through school in Tulsa.  We’ve been together for four years, and he is very sweet, very caring and very ornery. The last time I saw him was in August, and I miss his face.
  • Letting my dog, Kip, lick peanut butter off the spoon. I cannot accurately express how much joy this gives me.  If you have a dog and have not let him lick peanut butter from a spoon, you should.  It is the best.  10 out of 10 dogs would recommend it. Dogs love it and so will you.  Dogs and peanut butter do a happy Alexis make.

There are more, these are just a few that come to mind.  I also really love going outside and going to the art museum and will write separately about those activities as there is much to say about each.

Of course, I could write sonnets about food, but that would be a dirty rotten tease, wouldn’t it?

I’d like to know some of your favorite “Sometimes” if you’d like to share!  Just leave a comment below!

As always, have a smile on me!