Acts of Kindness

Is pure altruism possible? This is a long time discussion among scholars and saints.

There is no debate, however, in the fact that my heart swells when I give a gift and see the light in the receiver’s face. To bring happiness or even to reduce anxiety or pain for another soul feels lovely and important. While I can speak only for myself, I see the giving heart in so many others and am inspired by them daily.

I see this heart in my children. They aren’t quick to mention their acts of kindness but they are very quick to give their smiles to others. They are quick to show compassion, to be supportive, give respect and pay a compliment.

There are so many ways to show kindness. Here we will post a few. (guest post by Chriseda Crow)

Maybe you take a simple meal (sauce and a package of pasta) to your local fire station for the firemen/women as a treat (the looks on their faces will fill you up too).

pesto for the firestation

You can leave old die-cast cars in local parks for kids to find like treasure.

Cameron's cars with notes   Camreon leaving cars

You can give stuffed animals to your local police department. The officers carry the toys in their cars so that they can comfort children in crisis situations.

09 Alexis Teddys

Locks of Love – Donate your long hair to make hairpieces to financially disadvantaged children in the United States and Canada suffering from long-term medical hair loss from any diagnosis. Their website

17 Alexis 17 Locks of love

Texas Ramps Project build ramps for those in need. You can volunteer your time, show up and they will teach you what to do. This is a great if you like to use power tools and work out of doors! Texas Ramp Projects link

20131102 ramp

It’s fun to leave random notes anywhere and everywhere (other ideas).

Happy Post Its

Left this compliments poster on the window of a local fitness club.

Compliments poster

These were for the furry friends at the local shelter

doggie treats

Left these rocks at Texas Neurology for anyone in need of a little inspiration.

random rocks

Picked up a few bouquets, divided them into mini bundles in our van, and then left them with a note on random vehicles in the parking lot. The note read, “Science shows that a single smile has the equivalent hormonal value of a bar of dark chocolate. So, share a smile and create a daisy chain of cheer.”

random flowers

Put a dollar bill in your movie rental and return it for someone else to find.


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