Are Hotdogs Sandwiches

I know.

I haven’t posted in like three years and this is what I am starting back up with.

Honestly, this question is a pretty good example of unnecessary hills people are willing to die on.  Like gif vs gif.  Why do people care to the point of anger about these things?  I don’t know.  I’m just going to address the title question today.

So, Alexis, are hotdogs sandwiches?

I actually gave this a fair bit of thought last night as I waited for sleep to claim me.    The answer I came up with is “not really.”  Here’s why;

Names have a purpose.  I can’t roll up into any sandwich shop and order a hotdog.  Snarf’s is the only place around here that serves them.  One Sandwich shop out of four.

Hotdogs are going the way of the burger.  Burgers have become a thing unto themselves and I cannot count them amongst the sandwiches.  I believe hotdogs are going that way if they are not already there.  I mean, if you can own an establishment that thrives off selling variations of a single product, that product deserves to be its own thing.

But that is just my opinion.  I don’t think that it is worth the heat people are putting behind it.  It’s not hurting anyone after all.

Is it?

Happy 2019.  I’ll see you soon.

2 thoughts on “Are Hotdogs Sandwiches

  1. Now you have me pondering the same question. (Gee thanks).

    I feel like it’s a deeper question regarding consumer options.

    The first that should be asked in this debate (is it a debate) IMO, is how does a sandwich know it’s a sandwich? Or a hotdog for that matter?

    What if a sandwich/hot dog grew up in a land filled with only Tacos? Or maybe Gyros? Would it still be a san dog?

    I’m thinking regardless of the situation that silly, crazy, messed up mean little hot dog just wants to be in the game.

    You can’t blame him, right. Life is always better in the game.

    That being said, I bet he’s a sandwich like the rest of his family: a cooked piece of meat between sugary sweet white bread:)

    Don’t get me started on coconut cake. Those are the crazy ones.

    Xoxo miss your face


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