Better Than Fairytales

Sorry for not posting; computer troubles are the pits!  But that’s not why I’m here.  I’m here to help you start the week with a smile.  Friday, Mom and I watched The Young Victoria, which I had never seen before.  Friends, this film is right up my street.  It’s a historical adaptation of a strong woman who did real changes with the help of her loving husband.   This was some real life fairy tale stuff.  I’m a sucker for this.

Look, I’m about to start gushing, so… fair warning.  Also spoilers I guess?

Prince Albert is The Actual Dream™.   Even though he initially goes to England at his Uncle’s insistence armed with the knowledge of Victoria’s favorite things, he wises up and tells her what he likes after she indicates that this echo chamber thing he’s doing is failing.  He’s honest with her, and listens with genuine interest.  Dude even learns to waltz when she says that she enjoys it!  He sent her the 19th century equivalent of a mixtape.  I’m slain.  The man has no interest in controlling her or manipulating her; he just wants to help.   She’s Queen and he is all about the consort life because he freaking loves her.  Oh yeah; he saved her life too.  Took a bullet for her. Because love.

And it’s not like it was unrequited either.  As Queen, Victoria had to be the one to propose.  She valued his input and pulled in an additional desk into her study so that they could co-rule.  She wore black and a veil for forty years after he died and had his clothes laid out for him every morning until she followed.  Just destroy me.

This nonsense has me wanting to make a princess because I have feelings but you know what can top this?  Nothing; the answer is nothing.  So instead I end up staring at my screen, struggling to come up with anything remotely as beautiful and inspiring as the story of Queen Victoria and the love and companionship she shared with Prince Albert.  I just can’t, folks.

By the way, Prince Albert designed (and commissioned) at least three tiaras for his wife.   How romantic is that?

Love and smiles,


One thought on “Better Than Fairytales

  1. I makes me happy to see you are posting again. I think it is good for you and I know others love it as well.

    Love you!

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