Mom’s Life [1]

Alexis gave me license to post on her blog from time to time (her mother).

Our daily life together has lots of laughs in it and our share of frustrations as well. Often the frustrations end in laughs. An example: I was about to feed Alexis and she suddenly gets the hiccups.

Me: “Really? Hiccups right now?”

Alexis: “I don’t make the rules. I am simply manipulated into following their bizarre and oft inconvenient machinations.”


A and C in Golden


Open Letter to Golden

Oh, Golden, how I miss you. From your fresh air and bountiful supply of dogs, to your training kayakers in Clear Creek; I miss it all. But more than that (not more than the dogs) I miss You. I miss your people and your food. Your kindness and smiles. I miss long walks on your pristine trail, your flowers and your community gardens. I miss your mountain with its School of Mines tattoo. But more than anything I miss the joy that you bring me. When I am in your center, I feel limitless. Your accessibility is beautiful and makes me feel free to do things that I cannot do otherwise. You give me the means to teach and to learn and to enjoy life more fully. I miss you, Golden, and I hope to see you soon on a more permanent basis.

Love and Smiles,