7 thoughts on “#BeyondTheBucket

  1. Loved your video.  Very professional and informative.  Did your mama do it?  She’s so talented.You’re in my thoughts and prayers. Alex


  2. Alexis,

    After watching your video several times, I asked myself “what was she thinking when she agree to do this video? Does she know what she has done by showing the world this intimate look into her life?”

    I don’t know if you thought of these things while you were deciding to do the video, but through my eyes, what you have done is created magic by allowing your incredible beauty to shine through your life story. It takes pure magic to take a diagnosis that is described as devastating, grim, and dreadful and turn it into a life that can be described as blessed, joyous, inspiring, and worthwhile.

    Your story will bring comfort to so many who get tragic news about their health. Your story will help encourage others to see their life as their most valuable blessing. Your story will teach people not to squander their most valuable blessing on self pitty, but to find something they love and pore themselves into it the way you do with art. Your story will help people to be intentional and loving in the way they treat others. And most importantly, your story shimmers with faith in others, hope in another blessed day, and love for the life you’ve been given. And what human being doesn’t need more faith, hope, and love in their life. The world thanks you for sharing your beauty and strength sweet girl. Keep sharing, the world needs you.

    I love you the mostest to infinity and beyond,
    ~Aunt Brandi

  3. Hi, my friend! Congratulations for your video, you’re very, very brave for having done it
    As you can to see English isn’t my native language, but I just want to thank you, because before that I saw this video… I was thankless.
    I always thought that my life was horrible, but you did see me that there are more important things than the material world… (You gave me a life lesson, thank you!)
    P.S: your drawings are beautiful, not to mention the rest 😉 greetings from Mexico ❤

    1. Gracias por tu comentario. Tiene Ingles muy agradable. Mi español es muy pobre, pero me han inspirado para aprender. Estoy feliz de haber ayudado. Ayudar a la gente es importante para mí. ¡Me alegro de que disfrute de mi arte! ¡Espero que encuentre la alegría en todas partes de su vida!

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