Crack In My Chassis

trying on a hat

A pretty interesting analogy, isn’t it? Comparing myself to a vehicle, which BTW is not one of my fields of expertise.

I have to tell you in the interest of mostly full disclosure, I did not come up with this phrase. This phrase was coined by the writers of Supernatural in reference to my favorite character, Castiel. Another character said that Castiel had, “come off the line with a crack in [his] chassis”. His flaw is that he has “too much heart”. Mine seems to be a little bit different.

My ALS, of course, is the crack in my chassis with small fissures throughout. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. This just means that I need to be driven a little more carefully.

Which sounds weird.

(Having not driven in over two years my car analogies are not exactly up to scratch.)

Over the next few months I hope to share with you my collection of flaws. How can you better come to terms with your imperfections than making a little fun of them? (I’m not talking about the self-deprecating humor that seems to happen too often. I’m talking real humor.)

I hope you enjoy my misgivings.

3 thoughts on “Crack In My Chassis

  1. I look forward to reading anything you’d like to share. Like your Mom always says, ‘If you share your joy, it doubles. Likewise, if you share your sorrow, it is halved’. xoxox

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