Thank You Thursday {13}

Croc kids rain boots

Small Curious Boulder Boy

You are precious and I wish I could have squeezed you. It’ll be hard to forget the way that your big brown eyes lit up when you saw my chair. If I remember correctly, the color of my chair matched your rain boots. You had so many questions and I loved being able to answer them all. As your questions built so did your excitement until you were practically running in place.

“Can you still walk?”

“How fast does it go?”

“Can you show me?”

“What else does it do?”

“How tall can it go?”

“Can I ride?” (At this point, your dad looked slightly embarrassed and told you to thank me so that we could move on. I honestly wouldn’t have minded giving you a ride because your fascination absolutely made my day.)


Small Curious Boulder Boy’s Dad

Thanks for not pulling him away when he started firing all of these questions at me. I know I’m not your average person and that you were probably worried about him offending me but I love being asked questions. You seemed somewhat uncomfortable but you let him carry on and I appreciate you sharing him with me. He is an absolute joy. I hope he doesn’t lose that thirst for knowledge. May you both be very happy.


Boulder Bus Drivers

Thank you for helping me to get into the bus and for making sure that I had enough space. I later found out that the reason why your lift seemed to groan under the weight of my chair is because my chair is incredibly heavy (575 lbs. with me in it, which is only 25 lbs. away from the maximum capacity of your lift.) I appreciate the work that you do and the general cheer you display.

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