Thank You Thursday {10}

I don’t think about receiving. I think only about how I will next give which is why it is so strange to receive anything more than a smile or a “thank you”. When giving, I only ever expect to receive in return the rush of happiness that I get when I see the beneficiary smile.

I used to, and still do sometimes, get very flustered whenever people pay me a compliment because I am more comfortable being on the other side. So, whenever I receive a compliment from another, “thank you” never feels like enough. Two syllables don’t seem to be able to encompass just how happy the compliment makes me. This feeling is exponentially magnified when receiving a gift. I don’t know if there is a small phrase that can accurately describe my feeling of excitement or the rush of gratitude or the absolute titillation that I have felt when opening my mail lately.


J&L W.
I hope that you two had a wonderful Easter as well. I am looking forward to showing you just how much your gift helped. At the end of May I will be taking delivery of something absolutely sublime. Stay tuned for photos.

In the shortest letter I have possibly ever received, you wrote, “Hope this brings a little smile”. Rather than bringing just a little smile, your gift brought a major case of shock! I have caught myself staring into the distance quite a few times since I have received your letter wondering how something that I did inspired you SO much. This summer I will be posting many, many pictures in your honor.


These are definitely cases where “thank you” doesn’t seem like enough but before I can inundate you with pictures and emotions, “thank you” is going to have to suffice. Think of it as a down payment on the displays of gratitude that are yet to come.


Love and smiles,


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