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Therefore I Am

At around 2 o’clock this morning, I had to go to the bathroom (which is, incidentally, where I do all of my best thinking) and a sudden memory struck me. About seven years ago, when I was in the eighth grade, I had a teacher named Mr. Bleemel. He taught pre-AP US history, which was one of my favorite subjects at the time. We were watching the movie, National Treasure that day because we had finished with some project or another and didn’t have anything else to do. My seat was near or perhaps right next to Mr. Bleemel’s desk at the time. I was drawing, as usual, when students were gathering around his desk while he was writing things on sticky notes and giving them to us. I can’t remember who else was in my class or what anyone else got on their sticky note. It was supposed to be a silly thing; just something for him to do and something for us to enjoy, but it meant more than that to me because of what he wrote on my sticky note.
On that one inch by one and half inch pale yellow sticky note, in his blocky, all caps handwriting, he wrote,
“I draw, therefore I am creative, therefore I am.”
I have kept this pale yellow sticky note for the past seven years. I still have it. When I got it it went between the pages of my sketchbook, then when the adhesive began to wear off, I put it on my corkboard where it stayed for years. Its current residence (if I am not mistaken) is in the top left drawer of my dresser at my dad’s. The reason I still have this pale yellow sticky note that my teacher wrote for me as an offhanded observation pertaining to the sheer amount of art I tended to crank out around that time is actually pretty simple. At a time in my life where I didn’t really know who I was, my pre-AP US history teacher managed to sum me up in a sentence.
“I draw, therefore I am creative, therefore I am.”
And I can’t honestly say I have changed much since then in regards to this statement.
The following are some drawings proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that this statement is true.
Have a smile on me,

One thought on “Therefore I Am

  1. Thank you for sharing this post Alexis. I can understand the observation your teacher made, because of course, he didn’t know you like I know you. The real truth is that nothing you do, no amount of talent you posses can encompass the vastness of who you are or what you mean to the world. Therefore, you are measureless. How could he know the enormous positive effect you had on so many people the very moment you had your first picture taken in utero. Yes, you draw (amazing!). And yes, you are creative (extremely!) But you always have been and you always will be infinite light and infinite love and infinite joy to all those who know you, no matter if you draw or don’t draw.

    I love you the mostest to infinity and beyond.
    ~Aunt Brandi

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