Gratitude · Weekly

Thank You Thursday {7}

Thank you for helping us so much at the clinics. We really appreciate your support and compassion. Mom and I also think that you are adorable, so there’s that too.

Thank you for your constant positive feedback and support, especially when it comes to my art. I really enjoy talking to you. I miss you. I look forward to working on this new thing with you!

 Pinterest People
Thank you all for giving my mother such excellent recipe ideas. My taste buds rejoice frequently because you have decided to share your this or that with the world, and my mom found it. May you have many excellent meals.

Pinterest people part two
There is another portion of you who do not impose recipes or food ideas, but rather art references and inspiration, and for that I am grateful. Feet are really hard to draw, but I know where to go whenever I am in need of assistance. Thank you.


I get music suggestions from you off of Spotify, and they are wonderful. I am actually listening to Patchwork Girlfriend right now. I miss you, girlie. I hope to hang out with you whenever you come down!

 Love and smiles,


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