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Thank You Thursday {5}

Dr. Heitzman
I understand that you have seen a lot of people come through your door and have had to give out a lot of hard diagnoses, but your bedside manner is the best I’ve ever encountered. Thank you for being so outstandingly hilarious and wonderfully sweet even though it may not be on purpose. Not a bad thing. It just means that you are naturally a pretty nice guy. Go you, Doctor Heitzman.

Jessica the phlebotomist
As you and I both know, I have to get a lot of blood drawn. A lot. I am very grateful that you are the to do it. You make it painless and you are very considerate of my comfort. It is really nice to see the same face every time that I go in.  

Janine & Ginger
You two crack me up! I really, strongly doubt that I would even participate in the drug trials as readily were it not for you two. I’m glad that we can converse as we do during our visits. The amount of sharing that takes place not only makes me smile but certainly helps the scores on that “quality of life” questionnaire. 

Also, thank you for remembering that you can NOT talk while I do the breathing tests lest we have a five minute giggle cool down.

Grandma & Aunt Darla
I love seeing your faces! Thank you so much for the brunch. I am looking froward to next month.

Thank you for helping me type this weeks post…(wait a minute) and for putting up with my ridiculous “pain in the ass-hole” keyboard. I’ll get that dictation program re-installed even though you are so much funnier.


Love and Smiles,


P.S. Happy Valentine’s Day

2 thoughts on “Thank You Thursday {5}

  1. Alexis, I absolutely love reading these posts. I look forward to them every Thursday and I am so appreciative of you taking the time to write. And I especially love absorbing your positive energy through your words. You make me smile. You make my heart smile. Thank you. xoxoxo ~Aunt Brandi

    1. ditto 😉

      Seriously though….I love these posts! I wouldn’t sale yourself short there niece. Your mom is pretty damn funny but so are you. I recall some major smack talking coming from you when we were all in CO.

      Love you , Miss you


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