Gratitude · Weekly

Thank You Thursday {4}

ALSA and NuMotion
Thank you for working together to get me new batteries for my power chair.  I am anticipating the freedom that will accompany the life of these new powercells!!  25 miles’ worth of battery life?  Sign me up!!

J.K. Rowling
I’m currently re-re-listening to the audiobooks (for the umpteenth time) and I can never thank you enough for this wonderful series!  Harry Potter opened a door to literature and creativity unlike any other book or series I have read.  Growing with the characters was a beautiful experience for me, and one I will cherish always.

I am so glad you insisted I get snapchat!  Your snaps always make me smile, regardless of my mood!  Stay cute, Lexi!!

Aunt Phyllis
Thank you for the gorgeous cross-stitched lap blanket you sent!! It has come in handy, especially on these cold winter mornings!  Not only is it the perfect size, but is impossible to feel grumpy with such bright, cheerful butterflies on my toasty warm lap!!

Love and Smiles,


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