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W.O.W. {1} “Meme”

Because I have this wealth of otherwise useless knowledge, I am going to begin sharing my vocabulary with you, word by word, week by week in these Word Of the Week (WOW) on Mondays.  Maybe I’ll branch out and share other factoids on different days of the week.  Who knows? 

A few weeks ago, my mom asked me what “meme” means (as in internet meme, which, by the way, is pronounced “meem” ).  At the time, I really didn’t know, but I gave my logically concocted guess, then resolved to look it up later.  Well, I forgot.  However, I came across the answer by chance the next day in a TEDTalks video (you already know that I love TEDTalks). This time, it was Diane Benscoter and her Talk How Cults Rewire The Brain.  She mentioned the word “memetic,” and later its noun form, “meme”. 

An easy definition for meme is “an idea that replicates and spreads from brain to brain like a virus, often through imitation”.  It can be very easy to be sucked into such an idea because it can create a sense of belonging.  In many ways, this can be humorous
lost doge  

or very dangerous.  

While I could write a paper on memetics and cults, I don’t feel like this is the place.  I am also going to refrain from posting the actual video at the bottom due to some of the graphic imagery used.  This blog is a happy place with smiles and cake and sunshine.

 Next week, you’re definitely going to get a better word.  Until then, enjoy this choice doge meme and have a smile on me.

 doge mem


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