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Thank You Thursday {3}

Dr. Warren & Team
Thank you for taking care of Kip. We know you were loathe to remove his eye, but you did, and I am confident you did it well.  You spoke of Kip as an individual and we all appreciate that so much.

Thank you for being the sweetie you actually are and not trying to eat the vet staff.  You are the best dog a girl could ask for.

Mr. Paul
Thank you for upgrading my RAM.  You know how important my computer is and I appreciate the work and money and effort you put into taking care of me.

Also, thank you for Square Burger.  Hot damn.

Alex of Australia
I am very glad we’re friends.  It excites me when you log onto Skype because I know hilarity will ensue.  You also make me feel incredibly adorable, which is always a nice feeling.  Thank you for being so awesome.

Thank you all for the birthday wishes!!  All of the smiles and love directed my way made this my best birthday yet!!  I appreciate and adore you all!!

Love and smiles,


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