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{ As seen on Food Network, The View, MTV and voted #1 in USA Today}

Sunday, my mom and I went out because she had work to do and errands to run and I was in desperate need of sunshine.  However, partway through our adventure, hormones bubbled up and whispered to the deep, dark corner of the brain where intense, aggressive want lives and conspiritorially whispered, “Cupcakes“.

Naturally, seeing as we are two hormonal women sharing close quarters, we were screwed.  Mom pulled over immediately and did a quick Google search, coming up with the recently opened Smallcakes: A Cupcakery.

Nothing could have prepared us for this.  You see, what we got so far exceeded our expectations that we shed real tears.

What we expected: Your basic lemon cupcake, somewhat dry around the outside, with heavy icing.  You know: your average cupcake, Lemon edition.

What we got: A light, fluffy cake with a perfect moisture content, obviously made with unicorn tears and fairy dust with icing so fluffy it had to have been whipped with helium and kissed by angels.

The first one we tried was their best selling Wedding Cake; almond cake and almond buttercream icing.  We shared this cupcake in the van and extolled its virtues with full mouths and feelings.  Later came the Lemon Drop: white cake with lemon curd filling and lemon buttercream icing.

There are no other cupcakes for us.  Smallcakes has won our hearts and taste buds. If you haven’t yet eaten there, you need to reevaluate your life choices. Go. Taste. Cry a little, and bring me one.

May your cupcake dreams be fulfilled.


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