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Thank You Thursday {2}

Andrew from California Pizza Kitchen
Your sweetness and accommodations made for a great birthday lunch!! Thank you for explaining my beverage’s ingredients to me and for your smile! You are such a cutie!

Thank you for yesterday!! I always have so much fun with you at the mall!  I appreciate your patience when navigating Hot Topic. You sure know how to make a birthday great!!

Thank you for that pie.  Mom insists we finish it as soon as possible because it is “killing her” but I want to draw it out as long as possible.  It is everything I hoped it would be.  I love you.

Him: “Happy Birthday”
Me: “Thanks. A+ brother. 10/10 would recommend.”
Him: “Wow much stars so compliment very recommend”

Such funny. Many thank. amaze.

Thank you for your unending care, love and smartassery.  You are a fresh spring of joy for me and I love you so much.  My gratitude for you is unending, Mommy.  Thank you forever, for everything you do for me.

Sincerely and with love and smiles,


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