Back in the Day

The Book


The story I am about to relate to you is in part about my ability to remember vast amounts of information (typically through reading) and in part about my brother’s first foray into the sea of sarcasm.

About nine years ago, when I was twelve and Cameron was nine, I had shared some tidbit about something that I had somehow read about somewhere.  Where, I could never remember. This wasn’t the first time I had shared a sourceless yet true fact, and it certainly wouldn’t be the last; I am a treasure trove of probably useless information.  Anyway, when asked where I had learned such a fact, Cameron had piped up with highly exaggerated air quotes and said, “She read it in The Book.”

The two words, “The Book,” contained nine years of pent-up sarcasm that had finally matured enough to be used properly.  Doing so had become this sort of rite of passage that was commemorated by the immortalization of the phrase.  Now, when asked where I picked up one fact or another (if I can’t remember the source), I simply say The Book, and the fact is appropriately processed, discussed, accepted, and we move on. 

Meanwhile, Cameron, now 17, has unfurled the sails of his own Ship of Sass, and expertly navigates the Sea of Sarcasm on the regular.

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One thought on “The Book

  1. This is cracking me up! Such a treasure that you all can joke with each other the way you do. It is quite entertaining to outsiders too 🙂 And Alexis, I remember when you were nine and you insisted I not brush your hair after your shower. I had to use a wide toothed comb because you read that fact in a book – only that time, you knew the book AND the page number 🙂 Such an incredible memory! xoxoxox

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