The Hidden Power of Smiling

Hello, all. I know I haven’t posted in a month, and I’m working to post with increasing frequency, even if the post is a short letter or a series of shoutouts. Today, though, I’m bringing in the new year with a series of facts that will accumulate in that one fat, interminable reason to smile.

I’ve been watching TEDTalks (specifically Head Games, which is on Netflix) in hopes to get inspired enough to write something of merit on here, which is somewhat foolish because it is an equally reliable way to get me distracted, but finally I came across a talk by Ron Gutman on the hidden power of smiles. Now, I am very aware of the blatant power of smiles (that is, the ability to get others to react and also to look better in photos) as are most other people. It’s that hidden power that really makes smiling so great, though.

A smile actually releases endorphins. Even fake ones. A Fakey McFakerson smile still releases feel-good hormones and lowers stress chemicals in the body. Eventually your body will get the hint and those poser smiles you were having to force become genuine and easier to produce. Smiles make you appear attractive, confident, and approachable. Smiles are inherently contagious and not only a result of happiness, but a root of it. How incredible is that? When I cry, I actually force smiles (they look like grimaces, but still count) to help myself calm down. It works.

All of this information can be distilled down to one, solid, self-helping, scientific reason to smile:


Smile for you. You deserve it.

Happy 2014,


Also, here’s the super cool 7 minute TEDTalk I referenced that you should totally watch:

2 thoughts on “The Hidden Power of Smiling

  1. Great post Alexis! I remember a friend telling me about the power of smiles back in college when we were struggling to find good moods during our national boards. We walked around the lobby in between tests fake smiling and fake laughing. Eventually, we were laughing for real and having a great time. It calmed our nervous stomaches and probably helped us get better grades 🙂
    Keep posting this kind of good stuff, I love it! xoxoxo

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