Thank You Thursday {3}

Dr. Warren & Team
Thank you for taking care of Kip. We know you were loathe to remove his eye, but you did, and I am confident you did it well.  You spoke of Kip as an individual and we all appreciate that so much.

Thank you for being the sweetie you actually are and not trying to eat the vet staff.  You are the best dog a girl could ask for.

Mr. Paul
Thank you for upgrading my RAM.  You know how important my computer is and I appreciate the work and money and effort you put into taking care of me.

Also, thank you for Square Burger.  Hot damn.

Alex of Australia
I am very glad we’re friends.  It excites me when you log onto Skype because I know hilarity will ensue.  You also make me feel incredibly adorable, which is always a nice feeling.  Thank you for being so awesome.

Thank you all for the birthday wishes!!  All of the smiles and love directed my way made this my best birthday yet!!  I appreciate and adore you all!!

Love and smiles,





{ As seen on Food Network, The View, MTV and voted #1 in USA Today}

Sunday, my mom and I went out because she had work to do and errands to run and I was in desperate need of sunshine.  However, partway through our adventure, hormones bubbled up and whispered to the deep, dark corner of the brain where intense, aggressive want lives and conspiritorially whispered, “Cupcakes“.

Naturally, seeing as we are two hormonal women sharing close quarters, we were screwed.  Mom pulled over immediately and did a quick Google search, coming up with the recently opened Smallcakes: A Cupcakery.

Nothing could have prepared us for this.  You see, what we got so far exceeded our expectations that we shed real tears.

What we expected: Your basic lemon cupcake, somewhat dry around the outside, with heavy icing.  You know: your average cupcake, Lemon edition.

What we got: A light, fluffy cake with a perfect moisture content, obviously made with unicorn tears and fairy dust with icing so fluffy it had to have been whipped with helium and kissed by angels.

The first one we tried was their best selling Wedding Cake; almond cake and almond buttercream icing.  We shared this cupcake in the van and extolled its virtues with full mouths and feelings.  Later came the Lemon Drop: white cake with lemon curd filling and lemon buttercream icing.

There are no other cupcakes for us.  Smallcakes has won our hearts and taste buds. If you haven’t yet eaten there, you need to reevaluate your life choices. Go. Taste. Cry a little, and bring me one.

May your cupcake dreams be fulfilled.


Thank You Thursday {2}

Andrew from California Pizza Kitchen
Your sweetness and accommodations made for a great birthday lunch!! Thank you for explaining my beverage’s ingredients to me and for your smile! You are such a cutie!

Thank you for yesterday!! I always have so much fun with you at the mall!  I appreciate your patience when navigating Hot Topic. You sure know how to make a birthday great!!

Thank you for that pie.  Mom insists we finish it as soon as possible because it is “killing her” but I want to draw it out as long as possible.  It is everything I hoped it would be.  I love you.

Him: “Happy Birthday”
Me: “Thanks. A+ brother. 10/10 would recommend.”
Him: “Wow much stars so compliment very recommend”

Such funny. Many thank. amaze.

Thank you for your unending care, love and smartassery.  You are a fresh spring of joy for me and I love you so much.  My gratitude for you is unending, Mommy.  Thank you forever, for everything you do for me.

Sincerely and with love and smiles,


The Book


The story I am about to relate to you is in part about my ability to remember vast amounts of information (typically through reading) and in part about my brother’s first foray into the sea of sarcasm.

About nine years ago, when I was twelve and Cameron was nine, I had shared some tidbit about something that I had somehow read about somewhere.  Where, I could never remember. This wasn’t the first time I had shared a sourceless yet true fact, and it certainly wouldn’t be the last; I am a treasure trove of probably useless information.  Anyway, when asked where I had learned such a fact, Cameron had piped up with highly exaggerated air quotes and said, “She read it in The Book.”

The two words, “The Book,” contained nine years of pent-up sarcasm that had finally matured enough to be used properly.  Doing so had become this sort of rite of passage that was commemorated by the immortalization of the phrase.  Now, when asked where I picked up one fact or another (if I can’t remember the source), I simply say The Book, and the fact is appropriately processed, discussed, accepted, and we move on. 

Meanwhile, Cameron, now 17, has unfurled the sails of his own Ship of Sass, and expertly navigates the Sea of Sarcasm on the regular.

Until next time,


Thank You Thursday {1}

Today is the first ever Thank You Thursday, where I examine who or what has enriched my life in some way and extend my gratitude.

Thanks for a hella fantastic week last month. I felt completely at ease around you, which is incredible because I feel tentative around people I’ve known forever.  I feel as though you understand me, and your incredible capacity for caring has kept me sane over the past few months.  Thank you for being such a perfect friend.

I miss your face.  When you surprised me last weekend, I was elated.  In fact, the surprise made it easier for me to await your next arrival since I don’t know when I’ll see you next.  Then, our date was the best!! You’re so good to me.  I love you.

Thank you for taking the time to make us (My mom and myself) feel pretty and adored whenever we went to Rockfish.  You even took the time to remember our usual orders.  We hope you’re doing well in California.

When Sal left, you assured us that he was okay and became our new regular.  You remembered our drink orders and were so attentive and helpful.  My birthday lunch was delicious, and we appreciated the ice cream.  We’re looking forward to seeing you next month.

Also, congratulations on your face.

Random Guys Outside of the Aquarium
Thank you for the kindness you showed to two confused tourists. Your directions really helped and your kindness reaffirmed my faith in humanity.  I appreciate the Christmas wishes and hope you two have a wonderful life.

Sincerely and with love and good wishes,


The Hidden Power of Smiling

Hello, all. I know I haven’t posted in a month, and I’m working to post with increasing frequency, even if the post is a short letter or a series of shoutouts. Today, though, I’m bringing in the new year with a series of facts that will accumulate in that one fat, interminable reason to smile.

I’ve been watching TEDTalks (specifically Head Games, which is on Netflix) in hopes to get inspired enough to write something of merit on here, which is somewhat foolish because it is an equally reliable way to get me distracted, but finally I came across a talk by Ron Gutman on the hidden power of smiles. Now, I am very aware of the blatant power of smiles (that is, the ability to get others to react and also to look better in photos) as are most other people. It’s that hidden power that really makes smiling so great, though.

A smile actually releases endorphins. Even fake ones. A Fakey McFakerson smile still releases feel-good hormones and lowers stress chemicals in the body. Eventually your body will get the hint and those poser smiles you were having to force become genuine and easier to produce. Smiles make you appear attractive, confident, and approachable. Smiles are inherently contagious and not only a result of happiness, but a root of it. How incredible is that? When I cry, I actually force smiles (they look like grimaces, but still count) to help myself calm down. It works.

All of this information can be distilled down to one, solid, self-helping, scientific reason to smile:


Smile for you. You deserve it.

Happy 2014,


Also, here’s the super cool 7 minute TEDTalk I referenced that you should totally watch: