Good Times

M is for Magical

There’s a special thing my mom and I usually do after a doctor’s appointment that I just love.  We go down an M street from Abrams to 75.  Now, I know not everyone is from Dallas, but there are these streets called the “M Streets” where M pretty much stands for magical.  The houses there are like little cottages with trees everywhere and creeping ivy and leaded glass windows.  We started doing this when I was participating in a drug trial and had to have weekly neurologist visits.  The first street we went down was McCommas, which was a mistake because it is by far the best one.  There is this stretch where it is as though you entered a magical little forest where Hobbits and elves and jovial people live because really, how can you be angry and live there?  You can’t.  Nothing can be terrible enough to make you sneer at your perfect little M house with its red rounded-top door, climbing roses and leaded glass.  This is why the M streets are practically famous and why I have never seen a For Sale sign up.

m street 1 m street 2 m street 3m street 4 m street 5 m street 6

I mean seriously.  How darling.

I would highly recommend taking your own magical journey down the M streets next time you’re in Dallas.  They’re just south of Mockingbird Station and waiting for you.

Have a smile on me, lovelies!!


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