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crow tattoo

Tada!! Here is my fabulous Crow tattoo because I am irrationally enthusiastic about my last name.  Of course, there is a story behind it because why wouldn’t there be?

I had been thinking about tattoos to get for three years.  My best friend, Sydney, came up with an idea to get similar/matching tattoos so we planned and planned for another year.  Finally, after Sydney had researched tattoo shops and artists, she picks me up to go to Cafe Brazil.  Well, we stopped by Saints and Sinners in Carrollton on the way and-spur of the moment- made our appointments.   We had decided by this point that matching was probably not going to work, which was fine!!  Instead, we got our tattoos simultaneously.  All was well.

Thursday, August 29th rolled around.  I had gotten plenty of sleep, showered the night before, lotioned up the spot, drank plenty of water, ate a good breakfast and bought 3 bottles of water to drink before the tattoo, during a break, and after the tattoo.  Nerves made me pretty shaky-quaky, but these guys were kind and professional and highly understanding of my personal needs as someone who is handicapped.  Endorphins kicked in and knocked me out when the tattoo had barely started.  The most uncomfortable part was shading under the shoulder blade, but otherwise it was a dream.

Sydney had started and finished before me with an experience that was the exact opposite of mine.  She wasn’t very happy about that. At all.

When it comes to tattoo experiences, it probably wouldn’t do to reference mine.  ALS alters your skin, making it tougher and more resilient and more sensitive to sunburns.  I also (probably) get a higher dose of dopamine and other feel-good chemicals than the average person.

And please make sure to do your research.  While I can’t find the website I personally used, this one may help.

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